Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Best of Us review

Ahhh....Sarah Pekkanen!!! I'm lucky enough to live fairly close to Sarah, so she has been to my local indie bookstore a couple of times and her latest visit was just a couple of weeks ago to talk about The Best of Us with another author, Dana Bate (on the blog tomorrow). She's truly a lovely person, which makes me so happy her books are such fun to read. 

As for the book, it's probably the perfect beach book. It has romance, scandal, a tropical setting, and was definitely a page-turner. Great for reading in the sun and imagining you're on a tropical island, which is exactly what I do on my back porch in Northern Virginia. Not exactly Fiji. 

Four friends and their husbands are invited to a luxurious getaway to relax and catch-up after years of only seeing snippets of each other's lives. Beautiful location, no children, and college friends mixed together to create a pretty crazy vacation -- complete with more than a few secrets. Paradise isn't exactly what was expected for any of the couples.

Each of the four women is well-drawn and her story as compelling as her counterparts. I didn't really have a favorite character, though I did really love to hate Savannah! The impending hurricane was both literal and metaphorical and was a nice addition to the story. Now I can only hope one of my college friends got rich and plans to invite Aaron and I out for a week on an island (minus the scandalous parts, please)!

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For the Love of YA said...

Sometimes a character you love to hate is the mark of a fantastic writer. :)