Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stitch Fix #4

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm more than a little addicted to Stitch Fix. I've been getting a box about once every 6 weeks and this latest just came last week. They always manage to show up on a day where I needed a little cheering up some extra motivation to just make it to bath time/bed time for Elliott, knowing that an end to the day is in sight and I'll have a box of FUN to open. Retail therapy right? Except with this therapy I don't have to leave my house. 

In my box this time, I had quite a few things I liked:

After opening the pretty tissue paper wrapping, I found 2 dresses and 3 tops, each of which I really liked at first glance. A couple I knew were out of my comfort zone, but I was happy about that -- in the past those have been the items I ended up keeping. 

Cute, flowy bird top and a purple jersey cowl-necked top. I had received what Aaron has now dubbed my "bird shirt" in my first Fix, so I didn't really want another top with birds all over it. Super cute though! 

The purple shirt was really flattering, but I didn't feel it was quite special enough to justify the price.

The blue dress was SO PRETTY. The cut was really flattering and the color made my eyes super blue. If I had the option of exchanging for a different size, I totally would have... this one was a tad bit too small. I have a really large rib cage and dresses that have a snug band in the middle are always too tight. Fit nicely every where else!

The flower dress was the only item I really didn't like at all. The concept was really fun though! It's pretty much one big piece of sheer fabric that you tie at the waist with the included band. A dark slip went underneath. Unfortunately, when I put it on, it was really, really, really short. Now, I'm a modest dresser and I typically prefer dresses and skirts to hit at the knee, but this was so far above the knee I wouldn't have even showed a friend how it looked. Peep-show short! 

Finally, my favorite. Right out of the box, I knew I was going to love this tank. The jersey material was flattering and the embroidered detail was really pretty. Perfect for spring and summer. Unfortunately, the cheapskate in me just could not justify spending $50 for a tank top. I sent it back. I totally regret not keeping that tank and wish someone would have talked me into it!

This is the first box I've sent everything back. I there would eventually be one, so I'm glad I got that out of the way! I've already scheduled my next Fix, so you know it hasn't deterred me any :)

Thank you to everyone who has used my link to sign up for Stitch Fix! Once you sign up, if you refer friends and blog readers, you'll get a credit to your account too. Lots of fun!

If you're interested in my other posts, I've talked about previous Fixes here, here, and here.

The details:

-Head on over to Stitch Fix and sign up for an invite. It may take awhile, but I received mine in less than a week. 

-Fill out an extensive style profile. Everything from hair color and height/weight to clothing likes and dislikes. Lots of great questions. 

-Schedule your fix. It costs $20 to have a Fix sent to your house. If you decide to purchase an item(s) that $20 is credited to the cost. You're basically paying for someone to hand-pick clothes for you and ship them to your house. Return shipping is included too. 

-If you like it all, keep it all and they charge you for everything, minus a 25% discount for keeping the whole box! Send back whatever you don't want in the postage-paid envelope. 

-You choose when you get a Fix. You don't have to sign up for a monthly box or anything like that. Just whenever you want. 

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