Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bluebird by Bob Staake

Bob Staake is a favorite in our house for a couple of reasons. I love that his stories have a subtle teaching to them and Elliott really seems to love the simple illustrations. Bluebird, the latest one to show up in our mailbox has been my favorite yet. 

Wordless is great for E's age and this particular story was really moving for me. A sweet bird encounters bullying and lonliness through his friendship with a young boy, ultimately trying to help the boy and being struck by a stick. The sparse illustrations are beautiful and the story is powerful, even without words. Kids throughout elementary school could learn a whole lot from this simple book. 

The subject matter is definitely way above Elliott's head, which is why I don't mind "reading" this one to him, despite what happens to the bird. Eventually, it will be a great gateway to begin a discussion on bullying, being kind to others, death, and other topics that aren't easily approached with younger children. 

I highly recommend this one to teachers and parents. Another award contender, I think!

Thanks to Random House for sending a review copy!

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