Monday, May 13, 2013

2 quick YA reviews

Being Henry David by Cal Armistead

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I thought it would be super heavy and even depressing, but with a melancholy overtone, the thoughtful nature of the language made up for it. I loved that it was more of a mystery mixed in with self-reflection rather than a typical "finding myself" novel. This kid needed some serious healing and he was able to do that as he remembered tidbits of how he ended up where he did.

Could be a great gateway to actually reading Thoreau. As we all know, I'm not a big "classics" fan, so this book is as close as I'll get.

ManicPixieDreamGirl by Tom Leveen

This one I didn't love, but I enjoyed enough that I think it's fair to share. The jumping back and forth of time periods got to be a little annoying, but the characters were well done. Quirky, unattainable girls are the subject of many a book and movie and the author did a really good job at creating Becky and making her role believeable, as well as the ultimate ending realistic. Two thumbs up for that. I think it's really hard for adults to write a teen voice well and Tom Leven did.

 Unfortunately, my one big quibble with the book is that I really felt it was a Paper Towns wannabe. Same idea of the somewhat odd, but beautiful main girl leading on a boy who is in love with her, but without all the awesome.

Thank you to Random House for the review copies!

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